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Business Startup in California    

Starting a Business in California?

Small Business Lawyer - San Diego -  Timothy W. Tuttle & Associates
If you are considering starting, or purchasing, a new business in California, you need the services of a law and accounting firm experienced in helping new business startups prosper. Timothy W. Tuttle & Associates has the experience and track record in Legal, Tax and Accounting Services you can depend on to get your California business startup up and running successfully.

California Business Startup Services

Our new business startup services provide you with everything you need to start your California business, including:
  • Determination of business name availability
  • Advice on proper business entity for tax and liability purposes
  • Formation of business entity, including all organizational documents
  • Documents to transfer existing business to new entity, if applicable
  • All identification numbers and IRS election forms provided
  • Advice and preparation of agreements (buy/sell, exit)
  • Preparation of Articles of Incorporation
  • Preparation of an Operating Agreement or Bylaws, as applicable
  • Share certificates provided for members or shareholders
  • Bound corporate documents with corporate seal included
Basic Steps to Starting a California Business


Starting a new business in California can appear at first to be a challenging task to say the least. As with any endeavor, risks are always mitigated when you carefully plan in advance and obtain guidance. The Tuttle Firm will provide you with the legal guidance that will help you navigate successfully through the process. Steps include drafting a business plan that will chart the course you will follow; choosing a legal structure; securing financing to provide for facilities and other startup resources; naming the business and securing the proper licenses and permits; hiring employees; and providing insurance for your new business startup.

Step 1: Create a Solid Business Plan. The key to successful business startups is a well thought out business plan. A business plan will outline all aspects of your new business – business strategy, goals and objectives, products and services, resource requirements, marketing and more. Visit the U.S. Small Business Administration for more on creating a business plan.

Step 2: Choose the Right Business Structure. It’s important that you select the legal structure that’s right for your small business. In California, the basic types of business structures available are sole proprietorships, partnerships, Limited Liability Companies, and Corporations (“C” and “S”). Since the Tuttle Firm is experienced in legal, tax and accounting, we can help you make the right choice that best meets your needs.

Step 3: File Tax and Employer Identification Documents.
Most businesses require licenses and/or permits in order to operate. Such documents may include a California Secretary of State File Number, a Federal Tax ID, and other operating numbers or permits. Our business startup services will ensure that you have secured all of the necessary identification numbers and permits.

Step 4: Obtain Necessary Financing. Once you’ve laid out your business plan, chosen the right business structure, and acquired all of the necessary permits, its time for securing financing. Learn about raising capital, how to identify one-time and on-going expenses, borrowing money and managing the financial aspects of your business at SBA’s Financing web page.

Step 5: Establishing Your Facilities. Depending on the type of business, location can be crucial to the success of a business. How will customers find you? Is appearance a critical success factor? How much can you afford, and what zoning laws might apply to your business? You’ll want to research answers to these questions carefully to ensure your success.

Step 6: Hiring Employees. Once you’ve gotten through all the hard work of planning, financing, and setting up your infrastructure, you may need one or more people to help you handle your thriving business. California and Federal laws govern the actions of business owners throughout the hiring process. The Tuttle Firm can provide the guidance you need to comply with state and federal hiring laws, while you engage the needed resources to grow your business.

Step 7: Providing Insurance. Startup businesses need to consider potential business risk exposure, so that the right types of insurance policies are acquired to protect the business and its employees. Types of insurance to consider may include property insurance, liability insurance, or specialized forms of insurance. Our business startup services can advise you regarding the types of insurance that apply to your business, so you can make the right decision to protect your investment.

California Business Startup Resources:
  • U.S. Small Business Administration – Starting a Business Page
    The SBA’s web page on starting a small business contains lots of useful information on the “do’s and don’ts” of starting a small business – startup basics, writing a business plan, finding financing, hiring employees, legal aspects, and much more.
  • California Secretary of State – Business Portal
    The official business portal web page of the California Secretary of State provides valuable information on available business entities, how to file necessary forms, basic steps to starting a business in California, and more.
  • California Chamber of Commerce
    Provides helpful resources for new business startups in California, including help with government relations, business resources, HR considerations and more.
Free Business Name Search!  For a FREE business name search, send an email to info@tuttlefirm.com and tell us your proposed business name, type of business, and contact information (please also provide your name, phone number, and email address).  We'll get right on it and conduct the search, and let you know if that name is available!

For Help with Your New California Business Startup, Choose the Best ….

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