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Current Issues:

Aug 2022 The Tuttle Online Advisor


  • Upcoming Dates - Aug 2022
  • 5 Great Things to Know About IRAs
  • Turning Your Hobby Into a Business
  • Tips to Improve Your Credit Score
  • Great Ways to Avoid Vacation Spending Traps
  • Ideas When Reviewing Franchise Agreements
  • Debit Card Smarts

Past Issues:

Dec 2019 - Time for a Yearly Credit Report; Cash Flow: a Central Part of Your Business Plan
Nov 2019 - Social Security Benefits; Tips to Improve Your Credit Score
Oct 2019 - Bill Collector Callig? Know Your Rights; Amazo and eBay Sales Tax ALERT!
Sep 2019 - The IRS is Not Always Right; Select the Right Health Insurance for Your Business
Aug 2019 - Headed to the Fair? Avoid These Spending Traps; Smart Tactics to Manage Student Debt
July 2019 - Effective Tax Planning Starts Now! What You Need to Know About IRS Audits
Jun 2019 - 5 Summer Tax Savings Opportunities; Get Your Life Back! Ideas to Unplug
May2019 - You Know You Need Tax Planning If; Al Capone, Aunt Becky, Tax Fraud and You!
Apr 2019 - Four Key Metrics to Fortify Your Business; Leasing vs. Buying a Car
Mar 2019 - Oh No! Your Tax Refund is now a Bill; Businesses: File on Time or Pay the Price!
Feb 2019 - Major Life Changes Ahead? Read This! 2019 State Business Tax Climate Rankings
Jan 2019 - Tips for a Faster Refund; Hey Alexa. Are you Making Me Dumb?
Dec 2018 - Retirement Contributions Get a Boost in 2019; It's Your Money. Get it Back NOW!
Nov 2018 - Don't Let a Disaster Derail Your Business; Retirees Should Check Withholdings..or Else
Oct 2018 - Time to Launch Your Tax Strategy; Keys to Creating a Satisfying Retirement
Sep 2018 - Is a Tax Surprise Waiting for You?  Give Your Credit Score a Boost
Aug 2018 - Student Loan Forgiveness Creates New Tax Trap; Improve Your Financial Health
Jul 2018 - Five Tax Breaks for New Parents; Elements of a Good Partnership
Jun 2018 - Overlooked business metrics to keep your eye on; Is your retirement on track?
May 2018 - Update on the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (TCJA); Audit Rates Decline for 6th Year in a Row
Apr 2018 - When an Extension Makes Sense; Know the IRS's "Dirty Dozen" Tax Scams
Mar 2018 - Alert: Expired home and education tax breaks revived; Tax checklist for business startups
Feb 2018 - Reduce your property taxes; Tips for when your employees are family members
Jan 2018 - The best way to avoid an audit: Preparation; Looking ahead: Tax reform in 2018
Dec 2017 - Get ready to save more in 2018; Social Security gets a boost in 2018
Nov 2017 - Year-end tax checklist; 6 must dos when you donate to charity
Oct 2017 - The Do's and Don'ts of business expensing; How to fix your over funded account
Sep 2017 - Say goodbye to the college tuition deduction; Business planning: the hourglass approach
Aug 2017 - I need a copy of my tax return; Learn from the 'best places to work'
Jul 2017 - Tax-free Income; Common mistakes to avoid in buying or selling a business
Jun 2017 - Keep your audit fears in check; Reasons to incorporate your business
May 2017 - Tax tips for those getting married; Consider a midyear self-audit
Apr 2017 - Can't file by April 18? Consider filing for an extension; Small business scam grows
Mar 2017 - Current law still requires you to have health insurance; Partnership tax returns due March 15
Feb 2017 - IRS makes inflation adjustments to 2017 tax numbers; Get more from your tax refund
Jan 2017 - Get ready for tax season; Update your mileage reimbursements
Dec 2016 - 2017 payroll deductions and what to expect; Avoid phony charities this holiday season
Nov 2016 - Health insurance penalties are higher this year; Are all your workers in the office?
Oct 2016 - Get ready for year end tax planning; Fix retirement plan mistakes
Sep 2016 - Understand your EIN;  Is S Corporation status right for your business?
Aug 2016 - Should you consider a health savings account? Tips to strengthen customer loyalty
Jul 2016 - Use this free IRS service to get your tax information; Will overtime pay rules affect your business?
Jun 2016 - You may have to amend your estimated tax payments; A midyear payroll review
May 2016 - Tax season facts and figures; Do you struggle to make the right business decisions?
Apr 2016 - IRS interest rates rise for the first time since 2011; Make business meetings productive
Mar 2016 - Can you benefit from these tax breaks? Is your business social enough?
Feb 2016 - Be sure to use updated tax numbers in your 2016 planning; Make customer service more than mere talk
Jan 2016 - December tax extender act renews tax breaks; IRS lowers business mileage rate for 2016
Dec 2015 - You can now request an identity-theft tax return; Help your employees prepare for retirement
Nov 2015 - Beware of tax scans - old and new! Practice good information security
Oct 2015 - A buy-sell agreement helps you plan for contingencies; Talk to your college student about finances
Sep 2015 - Automatic enrollment can benefit you; Keys to effective cash management
Aug 2015 - Soothing out cash flow could save your business; Social Security is Turning 80
Jul 2015 - Supreme Court rules on subsidies; Put the customer at the center of your website
Jun 2015 - IRS updates list of delivery services; Learn from customer complaints
May 2015 - IRS tax audits cut by budget issues; How to get your business back on track
Apr 2015 - Now is the time to check your 2015 tax payments; Applying the "time value of money"
Mar 2015 - Health care law adds new forms to tax filing; Start the new year with a five-step business review
Feb 2015 - Check the filing requirements for 2014 tax returns; How to ask for a business loan
Jan 2015 - IRS announces adjusted 2015 tax numbers; IRS increases business mileage rate for 2015
Dec 2014 - Take advantage of the 2014 gift tax rules; December tax moves to consider for your business
Nov 2014 - Consider some year-end moves to cut your 2014 taxes; Accurate inventory numbers are important
Oct 2014 - IRS issues new taxpayer "Bill of Rights"; Who needs an Employer Identification Number?
Sep 2014 - IRS warns again about phone scams; Part time workers are on the increase
Aug 2014 - AMT affects millions of taxpayers; Time is running out to reverse a 2013 Roth conversion
Jul 2014 - IRS urges record backup; Wedding plans should include some tax planning
Jun 2014 - Don't overlook FBAR requirement; Take time to review your business entity choice
May 2014 - Court case changes rules on IRA rollovers; Disability insurance is important coverage
Apr 2014 -  IRS announces 2014 deduction limits for business vehicles; Attitudes about retirement
Mar 2014 -  If you make gifts, you may have to file a gift return; IRS issues "repair regulations"
Feb 2014 -  IRS issues phone scam alert  Starting a business?  Don't forget the tax man!
Jan 2014 -  Who has to file a 2013 income tax return?  IRS lowers mileage rate
Dec 2013 -  IRS delays 2014 tax filing season; IRS sends notices under Form 1099-K matching program
Nov 2013 -  Use this tax break soon, or  it's gone forever; Watch out for health care scams
Oct 2013 -  IRS issues rules on recognizing same-sex marriages; How to keep bank fees low
Sep 2013 -  Ten facts on amending a return; Crowdfunding - a new source of business financing
Aug 2013 -  Midyear tax planning should be a business priority; Look into energy credits
July 2013 - IRS close dates due to budget issues; Taxes and your new summer business
Jun 2013 - Don't fall for bogus IRS emails; Employers have a new withholding obligation
May 2013 - Foreign asset reporting; Accountable plans are a win-win; Five financial lessons for children
Apr 2013 - Watch out for identity theft, says IRS; IRS announces a changes in 2013 - business vehicles
Mar 2013 - Extended tax breaks could cut your taxes in 2012 and 2013; Manage your business plan
Feb 2013 - Inflation changes several tax numbers; Improving the performance of employees
Jan 23, 2012 - Special Edition eNewsletter on the American Tax Payer Relief Act of 2012
Jan 2013 - Health care reform provisions go into effect; The healthy care tax credit; Beware of scams
Dec 2012 - Add taxes to your 2012 year-end to-do list; Does your business need a bank line of credit?
Nov 2012 - Consider "bunching" deductions to cut your taxes; Check year-end tax moves
Oct 2012 - Know the difference between alimony and child support; Employers try to manage health costs
Sep 2012 - Capital gains and losses - year-end strategy; Tips on getting a bank loan for your business
Aug 2012 - Time for a midyear tax tune-up; Play to your strengths to revitalize your business
July 2012 - Supreme court upholds health care law; Mid-year tax planning critical this year; social security
Jun 2012 - Better way to use your tax refund; Watch for hazards when you buy a franchise
May 2012 - Nine tips for better tax recordkeeping; Take steps to build a better business
Apr 2012 - IRS expanded "Fresh Start" program; Going into business with your spouse; Bogus promotions
Mar 2012 - Payroll tax cuts extended through 2012; More small business audits; Diversify your investments
Feb 2012 - IRS adjusts tax numbers - update; Are you prepared for common business problems?
Jan 2012 - Don't overlook deductions for charitable work; Business mileage rate for 2012
Dec 2011 - New law signed by President Obama; IRS issues guidance on employee cell phones
Nov 2011 - What you should know about the sales tax deduction; Making the right pricing decision
Oct 2011 - Take advantage of expiring tax breaks; surveys reveal workplace information.
Sep 2011 - Use adjusted numbers in long-range planning; Alert!  Small business hacking!  College costs.
Aug 2011 - Heed the rules for deducting charitable contributions; Should you incorporate or not?
July 2011 - IRS increasing mileage rates; the job market picture; watch out for r-mail and other scams
Jun 2011 - Make summertime tax-saving time; Keep an eye on your company's cash; Your 401K
May 2011 - IRS increases dollar threshold for tax liens; New law repeals expanded 1099 reporting rules
Apr 2011 - Check your withholding and tax payments for 2011; make your business plan realistic
Mar 2011 - IRS changing the filing deadline; Cash in on new business rules; Early investment planning
Feb 2011 - More savings bond options; Give you business a competitive edge; IRA contributions
Jan 2011 - Congress extends Bush era tax cuts for 2 years; New law includes business provisions

Dec 2010 - Save energy and taxes - an IRS reminder; "Small Business Jobs Act of 2010"; Time to refinance?
Nov 2010 - New restrictions on health accounts, adopting a child provides tax benefits, year-end tax planning
Oct 2010 - IRS increases correspondence audits, Congress passes Small Business Act, Gambling winnings
Sep 2010 - President signs new education, jobs and medic-aid bill; new tax credit for your small business!
Aug 2010 - Homebuyer tax credit extended, do mid-year tax planning, safeguard your financial records
July 2010 - New W-2 rules cause confusion, Starting a business? Avoid these mistakes
Jun 2010 - Tax refunds may be delayed, should you operate as an LLC, and IRA rules in effect for 2010
May 2010 - IRS focus areas for audits, improving changes for a business loan, working after retirement
Apr 2010 - Tax deadlines, health care reform, Hire Act, watch out for census scams
Mar 2010 - Ways to use your tax refund, tax rules change in 2010, COBRA, retirement saving
Feb 2010 - Early distribution for Haiti relief, Employment audits begin this year, getting the most from your IRA
Jan 2010 - IRS releases adjusted tax numbers, business mileage rate lowered, new credit protections

Dec 2009 - Homebuyer's credit extended, Tax question of shareholder employees, gift ideas
Nov 2009 - Little change for 2010 tax numbers, time is running out for 2009, three important IRA reminders
Oct 2009 - A new vehicle could bring tax savings, questions to answer before stating a business, credit fraud
Sep 2009 - IRS reminder: use new tax breaks, new credit card rules become effective
Aug 2009 - Midyear tax planning, new groups for work credit, Social Security and Medicare
Jul 2009 - The Road to Tax Savings, new COBRA health subsidy, raising financially literate children
Jun 2009 - School's out - moving time!  2009 vehicle deductions, "Do not call" rules
May 2009 - IRS gives up private debt collection, government jobs pay more, credit cards trim rewards
Apr 2009 - IRS expands homebuyer credit, Federal Reserve financial statistics
Mar 2009 - Tax breaks in Recovery Act, new tax breaks for businesses, home foreclosures slowing
Feb 2009 - Basis reporting will be required soon, Heath care to cost more, Tax strategies
Jan 2009 - IRS inflation-adjusted numbers for 2009, business matching programs, good news for retirees

Dec 2008 - Will your gifts bring a tax surprise? New IRS per diem rates, HSA limits increase for 2009
Nov 2008 - Rescue plan extends retired tax breaks, low cost benefits can boost employee morale
Oct 2008 - Year end tax planning essential, partnership filing extensions, FDIC coverage review
Sept 2008 - Stimulus payment deadline approaching, clock ticking on this tax break, 401k debit cards
Aug 2008 - Tax changes in 3 new laws, minimum wage increases, worker classification, new mortgage rules
July 2008 - IRS audits more returns, summer tax moves; IRS mileage rate increases; Your 401K
June 2008 - IRS political activity reminder, vacation home planning, mid-year business planning
May 2008 - Tax scam warnings, helping your child get started in business, advice for tax rebate check
Apr 2008 - File your return to get a rebate, turn employees into team players, deposit insurance
Mar 2008 - New economic stimulus law passes, cost of health insurance a major concern, reverse mortgages
Feb 2008 - Last minute relief for taxpayers, new business equipment, HSA limits increased
Jan 2008 - IRS undelivered refunds, new mileage rate, preventing partnership failure

Dec 2007 - Big tax changes ahead, survey est. 2008 pay raises, life insurance for your children?
Nov 2007 - AMT relief still a work in progress, small tax-exempt organizations, retirement
Oct 2007 - Don't fall for the IRS email scam, consultants useful feedback, health insurance
Sep 2007 - IRS launches audit program, how is your customer service, going paperless
Aug 2007 - Managing your AGI, IRS work shop for non-profits, marital status
July 2007 - Small business tax act, mid-year review planning, identity theft
June 2007 - New tax scams, vehicle depreciation, pricing your products
May 2007 - Warning about phony emails, wellness programs, value of compounding
Apr 2007 – New penalty for frivolous claims, retirement planning, recent debit card scams
Mar 2007 – Strategies for your refund, 5 things businesses should do every year
Feb 2007 – Law extends tax breaks, bring corp. minutes up-to-date, splitting your refund
Jan 2007 – Major tax deadlines, undelivered refunds, formula for phone tax refund

Dec 2006 – New planning opportunities, special deductions, financial gift giving
Nov 2006 – Telephone tax to be refunded, changes in business calendar, stock market high
Oct 2006 – IRS collection agencies, healthy habits to cut costs, beware of phony invoices
Sep 2006 – New pension laws, trimming taxes, Roth IRA changes, offering company benefits
Aug 2006 – Tax benefits of annual gifts, paperless payroll, cross-training, saving and home equity
July 2006 – Maximizing tax benefits, cell phones, taking care of your nest egg
Jun 2006 – Buyer bewares from IRS, $70B tax cut details, Roth IRA, Starting a Business
May 2006 – Tax credits for hybrid vehicles, business email risk, savings rate, parents
Apr 2006 – Good news from the IRS, children the source of tax breaks, and change your tax identity?
Mar 2006 - Should you pay with a credit card, IRS focus on tax issues, make meetings worth it
Feb 2006 - Early birds get new energy tax credit, how long to keep tax records, benefits of a retirement plan
Jan 2006 - Use new tax number for planning, medical sticker shock, energy tax breaks

Dec 2005 - New vehicles certified for clean fuel deduction, health care costs a major concern
Nov 2005 - IRS announces changes, caring for elderly parents, how to lessen the blow of a disaster
Oct 2005 - Tax relief for Katrina victims, gift tax exclusion, IRS mileage rates increased
Sep 2005 - Seven step to cut your tax bill, IRS audits, smarter hiring decision, new bankruptcy law
Aug 2005 - Rules for donating vehicles, shredding info, putting your savings on auto-pilot
July 2005 - Tax reform deadline extended, more taxpayers getting the IRS red light
Jun 2005 - Hybrid cars, wedding bells, age discrimination, making your business grow
May 2005 - New rules for S Corps, building customer loyalty, protecting your IRA
Apr 2005 - How to benefit from the 2004 Tax Laws with Early 2005 Planning
Mar 2005 – Tax deadlines approaching, impact of a job change, new financial strategies
Feb 2005 - Major deadlines, new rules, smart business, Roth IRA conversion

Dec 2004 – Last minute Tax Tips for 2004

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